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how to select pressure die casting machine


How to select High Pressure Zinc or Aluminium Die casting Machines 

Die casting is a method used for high production with dimensional accuracy. It is widely used in production of metal components in automobiles, hardware, electrical and electronics industries.  

Selecting a High Pressure Die Casting for Production Shop can become easy by considering following factors 

Type of materials -> decide the machine type 

  1. High Pressure Die Casting materials are different alloys of Aluminium, Zinc, Magnesium or Brass. From the complete spectrum of these alloys Zinc and Magnesium are cast through the Hot chamber process. All others are cast through the Cold chamber process. Brass can be cast by cold chamber or through the squeeze casting process. The type of material to be cast decides the type of machine. The machine could be Cold Chamber, Hot Chamber or Squeeze Casting.

       2. As a further extension one could ask why two different processes that is the Hot Chamber or the Cold Chamber process. Typically, all low melting point alloys melting at less than 650 Deg C are cast through the Hot Chamber process while the others through the Cold Chamber process. 

Sizing of the machine is done on following considerations 

  1. Shot weight as listed in machine catalogue should be (30 – 40) % more than the combined weight of parts (all cavities), runner and gating system.

  2. The platen size listed in the machine catalogue should be co-related with mould worked out based on the number of cavities that are to be casted. 

  3. Once the basic sizing is done following factors should be additionally considered 

  4. Shape of parts and wall thicknesses  

  5. Final finish as cast, powder painted or plated 

  6. When Sr no 5 or 6 are prime considerations a genral thumb rule is to go one or two steps for higher tonnage over the basis sizing or use software feasibility studies to calculate. We can provide this service to perspective buyers 

Productivity & Operating Cost considerations 

These considerations decide auxiliary equipment such as Extraction Robots, conveyors, type of furnace & mold temperature. We can help in deciding about these 

Following is a helpful table   

Mapping Job parameters to machine specifications  


Machine Category  

Job parameters 

Machine Specifications 


Hot Chamber Die Casting  


1. Job Weight, Job Size, No. of Cavities. 

2. Job Material, production quantity  

1.Clamping force, die platen size, die height. 

2. Tie bar spacing, casting area, motor power  


Cold Chamber Die Casting  

1. Job Weight, Job Size, No. of Cavities. 

2. Job Material, Production quantity 

1.Clamping force, die platen size, die height. 

2.Tie bar spacing, casting area, motor power