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Brief Description:

Oil type thermal controller of ZHENFEI series includes standard style and high temperature style, can be used heating mould and keep temperature

  • Brief Product Specification:
Pump 0.37 kw To 0.75 kw
Discharge 60 L/min To 95 L/min
Heater Power 6 kw To 12 kw
Medium Water / Oil
Maximum temp 98 ℃ To 180 ℃
Dimension L*W*H 365*560*590 To 460*660*850
  • The temperature can be controlled ± 3º
  • Adopt high efficiency pump, good pressure and steady It can find out the problem automatically and showed by alarm when there is breakdown
  • It is convenient to be repaired and dismantled
  • The heating pipe is made of stainless steel
  • The temperature of standard style can reach 200°C, and 300°C for high temperature style