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  • Brief Product Specification:
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Brand Other
Output Current Other
Color Standard
Camera Optional Accessories
Cooling Method Chiller
Effective Spot Sizes 0.2 - 2mm
Pulse 0.5 - 20ms

The Normal Type Mould Laser Welding Machines are available in two powers 200W and 400W. Precilaser Normal type mould laser welding machines can provide customers with laser processing equipment and processing solution as well for our complete series of laser processing equipment production line.

1. High accuracy , the welding spot diameter is 0.2mm-0.5mm
2. Little affect area , no distortion of the processing parts.
3. No effect for etch after welding , low oxidation rate ,the color of the processing parts is intact .
4. No stomata or sand hole disappeared after welding.
5. Can process at the welding point , especially applicable to repairing mound requiring polishing.
6. The processing parts can reach 50-60 rockwell hardness.

Applicable to material & fields;-
Repair cracks , collapsed horn , touched edge and damaged sealing side, welding on horniness material (~HRC60)