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Brief Description:

Vertical injection molding machines function the same as traditional horizontal machines, however they are orientated to operate on the vertical axis. This type of machine is available in hydraulic, electric and hybrid executions to meet a range of customer requirements.

  • Brief Product Specification:
Clamping Force 85 ton To 165 ton
Slide position Repeatable ±0.02
Space Between Tie Bars 565*320 mm To 720*505 mm
Min. Mould Height 250 mm
Screw Diameter 36 mm To 55 mm
Injection Volume 142 cubic cm To 522 cubic cm
Injection Weight 128 g & 4.1 oz To 470 g & 15.1 oz
Injection Pressure 1960 kgf/Sq. cm To 1425 kgf/Sq. cm
Hopper Capacity 30 L To 25 L
Pump Motor Power 15(4) kw To 22 kw
Machine Dimension 3.1*1.25*2.9 m To 4.8*2*3.3 m
Machine Weight 3.5 ton To 7.2 ton

ertical moulding is a very efficient way to quickly and automatically create a string of flaskless high precision moulds that are vertically parted and poured.