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Brief Description:

The UV laser is a full crossover technology, ideal for overall engraving plastics and some common metals.

However, one of the significant advantages of this machine comes at the time to engrave some non-metal materials like glass.

UV Laser is also known as cold laser.

  • Brief Product Specification:
Beam Quality <1.1
Min. Character 0.3mm
Weight <140kg
Cooling Mode Water
Min. Line Width <=0.01mm
Repeatability Accuracy +-0.001mm
Marking Area 100x100 / 200*200( Optional)
Power 3W,5W,7W,10W
Marking Speed Capacity 600-1000 mm/s
Laser Type Ultra Voilet
Wavelength 355 nm
Marking Speed 600-1000 Character/Sec
Dimension 1020*760*1480 mm

PRECILASER introduced UV Laser marking machine for clear and smooth marking on mild metal, Plastic, Glass, etc. UV Laser Marking Machine is a new technology for smooth and perfect marking without burning marks on Plastic, Glass, and mild metals.