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Brief Description:

Vacuum Autoloaders are used to reduce labor and resin waste with self-contained, ready-to-install loading systems for pellets and regrind

  • Brief Product Specification:
Motor Specification 1100 W To 5500 W
Conveying Capacity 350 kg/h To 1200 kg/h
Material Hopper Volume 7.5 L To 38 L
Conveying Tube L.D ∅38 mm To ∅51 mm
External Dimensions Main Controller 500*400*400 mm To 520*450*650 mm
External Dimension Material Hoppers 530*360*260 mm To 730*360*360 mm
Conveying Height 4 m To 20 m
  • Material hopper separates with main controller. Safer and more convenient
  • With isolated filter, it is easy to clean
  • It is equipped with the special device to reduce the working noise
  • Material hopper is made of stainless steel, light and durable
  • Separately - designed control chest is operated by micro computer It is equipped with motor auto protection device
  • Warning device works automatically when lacking material
  • Motor can rotate anti-closewise to get rid of dust