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How to select an injection mou...

April 10, 2022

How To Select An Injection Moulding Machine

In order to make easy decisions about the mother machines in your injection molding shop, I would like to present here some basic and easy to understand key points that one needs to consider before buying an injection moulding machine


1. Shot Weight/ Theoretical Volume –


Precilaser Marking Machine

April 8, 2022

How To Select A Laser Marking/Engraving Machine

1. The Type of Materials for Engraving

Star with selecting the engraving material,

Common materials are metal, acrylic, paper, plastic and wood.

Not all machines can work on all types of materials.

Here the few machines suitable for different materials:


How to select a metal cutting ...

April 8, 2022

Selecting a right machine for your Tool Room and Production purposes is sometimes a complex task, but actually its very simple. Let us explain how to do this for various machines. 

The primary objective is to match the job machining data with machine specifications. Following table shows a ready reference for various types of machines that will help to decide the size of mac...

How to select pressure die cas...

April 4, 2022

How to select High Pressure Zinc or Aluminium Die casting Machines 

Die casting is a method used for high production with dimensional accuracy. It is widely used in production of metal components in automobiles, hardware, electrical and electronics industries.  

Selecting a High Pressure Die Casting for Production Shop can become easy by consi...