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Brief Description:

The LV series can be offered with different types of CNC controllers like Mitsubishi, Fanuc or Siemens. It has directly coupled motors with absolute encoders matched with class C3 ball screws. Good assembling techniques and in process quality control makes the LV series deliver high accuracy and high precision performance in die and mold making or any other general-purpose machining application. It can be equipped with several performance options like the 4th axis rotary table, auto tool length measurement and workpiece measurement options making it fit for any type of CNC machining application

  • Brief Product Specification:
Model No. LV-855 | LV-1160 | LV-1265 | V-1380 | LV-1580
Travel (X / Y / Z) mm 850/550/550 | 1100/600/600 | 1200/650/600 | 1300/800/750 | 1500/800/750
Table Size mm 1000×550 | 1200×600 | 1200×600 | 1500×700 | 1200×600
Spindle Speed rpm Standard 8000 and Optional 10000 / 12000 / 25000
Mass of Machine Kg 6000 | 7800 | 8500 | 11000 | 12000

Ball Bar Testing

  • Preci Centre use a stringent ball bar test that checks not only linear accuracy but also machine geometry. This test ensures that each machine meets the three-dimensional squareness and accuracy requirements.

Laser Calibration

  • Lasers are used to measure the positioning accuracy of every machine over the full travel of each axis.
  • Preci Centre uses these measurements to compensate each axis so that each machine meets the high accuracy requirement. Each machine is shipped with an accuracy chart 

4th & 5th Axis Rotary Table Option

  • This 4th & 5th axis rotary table option boosts productivity by allowing more machining with a single set-up. It also can turn the machine into a 4 axis contouring machine which adds versatility. 

Tool Probe Option

  • It measures both tool length and tool diameter. It uses macro programing to automatically define and update tool offsets. This option will easy setup and check for broken tools. These are offered from BLUM or RENISHAW 

Coolant Through Spindle Option

  • The optional CTS includes an auxiliary high-pressure pump, which supplies high-pressure coolant to the cutting edge. CTS improves tool life, allows both deep hole drilling and blind pocket milling. It also allows higher speeds, which reduces cycle time.