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Brief Description:

Hopper dryers, also called hot air dryers, are the ideal choice for removing moisture from the surface of pellets of non-hygroscopic resin prior to melting.

  • Brief Product Specification:
Model SDG-15E To SDG-1000E
Capacity 15 To 1000
Heat Power 2.5 kw To 27 kw
Fan Power 0.12 kw To 0.80 kw
External Dimensions L*W*H 580*400*720 mm To 1800*1200*2600 mm
Installation Dimensions L*W 110*110 mm To 320*320 mm

Even heat distribution: High efficiency to save lots of drying time required.

Accurated Thermo-Control: Very high accuracy assured by excellent controller

Labour Saving: Compact in size and easily used

Promote the speed for injection cycle: Decrease melting time by having the raw material predried and preheated.